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Insects: The new food? | DW | 07.07.2022

Insects: The new food? | DW | 07.07.2022Can bugs help save the climate and ensure food security? Pioneers all over the world think they can. They’re developing sustainable products made of the larvae of black soldier flies - which often get caught in a web of red tape.Read the Article

Alternative proteins: cultured meat versus insects

Alternative proteins: cultured meat versus insectsCultured meat is attracting substantial financial, industry, and even celebrity, backing and media coverage, but can commercial production levels be achieved and how do insects compare as an alternative protein source?Read the Article

What Food Will Sustain the Growing World’s Population

What Food Will Sustain the Growing World’s PopulationThe world population is projected to reach around 10 billion by the year 2050. Experts warn that this ever-increasing population will put pressure on food supplies. As a result, there is a need to look at ways to feed the growing population properly and sustainably. According to reports, [...]

Entomophagy Education

Entomophagy EducationArticles About Edible Insects Educational Information on Insects as Food & Feed Why Eat Bugs? READ MORE Entomphagy. READ MORE Insect Nutrition Info. READ MORE Cricket Flour. READ MORE What is Chitin. READ MORE What are Prebiotics? READ MORE Is Cricket Protein Healthy? READ MORE Are People...Read the Article