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Edible Insects/Alternative Proteins in the Regulatory World

Why we need to give insects the role they deserve in our food systemsFrom more sustainable production methods to providing a healthy food source, insects could help feed a growing global population in a climate-friendly wayRead the Article More people are eating bugs – but is it ethical to farm insects for food?Insect farming is [...]

Insects are disappearing from UK farms. Why, and what can be done?

Insects are disappearing from UK farms. Why, and what can be done?Insect populations are declining worldwide at a rate of almost 1% per year. This decline is alarming. Insects play a crucial role in pollinating crops, controlling crop pests and maintaining soil fertility.In the UK alone, pollination provided by bees and other insects adds over £600 million to [...]

A Summer Light Show Dims: Why Are Fireflies Disappearing?

A Summer Light Show Dims: Why Are Fireflies Disappearing?Fireflies — whose shimmering, magical glows light up summer nights — are in trouble, threatened by habitat destruction, light pollution, and pesticide use. With 18 species now considered at risk of extinction in North America alone, recovery efforts are only just beginning.Read the Article

Farmer 101: Tips to process mopani worms

Farmer 101: Tips to process mopani wormsGATHER TO GROW: In this episode, Phtui Kabasa explains southern Africa’s obsession with mopani worms and offers top tips for the production, processing, and cracking of markets for this delic…Read the Article

Insect farming

Insect farmingThe Marine Institute is collaborating with a pair of global companies to develop a new, sustainable source of processing discards that can be converted into high-value compounds for the agriculture, medical and nutraceutical industries.Read the Article

New Bad News About Honeybees

New Bad News About HoneybeesMSNBC’s Alex Witt spoke with Anthony Nearman, who ran a study at the University of Maryland.» Subscribe to MSNBC: Republ...Read the Article

Ants as Model Farmers

Ants as Model FarmersAnts – with their wise farming practices and efficient navigation techniques – could inspire solutions for some human problems. From The Conversation, by Scott Solomon, Associate Teaching Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Rice UniversityRead the Article