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Insect proteins in pet foods: What’s happening?

Insect proteins in pet foods: What’s happening?In this two-blog post series, we will attempt to distill a myriad of information on the topic into a mini status report—basically, our synopsis of what’s happening and what’s coming. Let’s start with the role insect proteins can play as an alternative to meat protein.Read the Article

‘Creepy crawlies’: shock new diet for your pet

‘Creepy crawlies’: shock new diet for your petCockroaches, fly larvae and sustainably-raised crickets are set to become a crucial part of what our pets eat, in a dramatic (and apparently delicious) shift towards the canine, and feline, equivalent of a vegan diet.Read the Article

Why feeding your pets insects could become all the buzzOwners worried about the climate cost of traditional pet food are switching to crickets, mealworms and black soldier fliesRead the Article

‘Huge potential’ for insect feeds, claim Tesco and WWFAround 240,000 tonnes of insect meal per year could potentially be sourced from UK insect farmsRead the Article