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Edible Insects

Edible InsectsGrowing up in Samoya Village of Bungoma County in the Western part of Kenya, Elvis Wanjala has fond childhood memories of the rainy season, chasing and catching black-bellied winged termites in the rain.Read the Article

Entomophagy Education

Entomophagy EducationArticles About Edible Insects Educational Information on Insects as Food & Feed Why Eat Bugs? READ MORE Entomphagy. READ MORE Insect Nutrition Info. READ MORE Cricket Flour. READ MORE What is Chitin. READ MORE What are Prebiotics? READ MORE Is Cricket Protein Healthy? READ MORE Are People...Read the Article

Insects – Myanmar’s miracle food?

Insects – Myanmar’s miracle food?Every day on Kyarkwet Thit Road in Tamwe, Ko Nyan Lin fries-up a fragrant mix of garlic, ginger and whole chilies. The frizzled concoction is tossed-into Styrofoam containers along with the main ingredient, which is one of the most popular takeaways at the night markets.Read the Article