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Brave as a Chicken –

Brave as a Chicken – BlackSoldierFlies.comIn American folklore, a chicken is synonymous with cowardice. This is not necessarily a fair assessment, but it is very common. Therefore, calling somebody a chicken equals questioning this person’s bravery. It would have been really cool if feeding on black soldier fly larvae made chickens as brave as lions [...]

Antibiotics in Their Guts –

Antibiotics in Their Guts – BlackSoldierFlies.comSimilar to other species, black soldier flies have a complicated relationship with a wide variety of microorganisms living both inside and outside of their bodies. These relationships may affect many different parameters, including both their ability to thrive in a particular environment, as well as their performance as waste decomposers. [...]

Squaring a Circle –

Squaring a Circle – BlackSoldierFlies.comBlack soldier flies can be a great component in a circular economy, in more than one way. However, they cannot always perform miracles. For example, they cannot feed on biogas digestate (which is a fancy term to describe leftovers of processing waste into biogas). While this is sad, it is also [...]

Circles Big and Small –

Circles Big and Small – BlackSoldierFlies.comThe circular economy is defined as a model of production and consumption that involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended. Recycling wastes is an essential practice under this approach.Read the Article

Sludge Management –

Sludge Management – BlackSoldierFlies.comA mix of fish carcasses, uneaten aquafeed, and fish feces does not sound very appetizing even for black soldier fly larvae. Indeed, according to a recent study they did not do particularly well on aquaculture sludge. However, mixing the sludge with other substrates significantly improved the situation.Read the Article

It’s a Bug Eat Bug World –

It’s a Bug Eat Bug World – BlackSoldierFlies.comBlack soldier fly larvae can be used to feed other insects, as shown by the results of two recent studies. In one of them, larval meal was fed to lady beetles, which are beneficial biological control agents eating a wide variety of agricultural pests. In the second study, [...]

Don’t Spoil the Baby Larva –

Don’t Spoil the Baby Larva – BlackSoldierFlies.comIt is common in commercial operations to rear newly hatched black soldier fly larvae in a nursery for a few days before putting them into a bioreactor. This may involve feeding them on a special diet. As shown below, however, this is not always a good idea.Read the Article

Good News for Aquaculture. Part V. –

Good News for Aquaculture. Part V. – BlackSoldierFlies.comThis is not even news anymore. Yet another study showing that incorporating black soldier fly larvae into aquafeed improves fish growth and boosts fish immunity. Still, we think that it is helpful to accumulate this evidence in one place.Read the Article